“Steve introduced me not only to a philosophy but a way of life. Being a “Go-Giver” doesn’t just stop at reading a book. He is truly passionate about sharing and teaching others how to increase their business by simply giving. Knowing how to successfully follow the “go-giver” path is an art and Steve is a Master. I recommend his services to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally. Introduce yourself to Steve and your life will change for the better.”

Beth Gionis – Broker NC/SC Realtor Selling Charlotte Real Estate

“When I heard Steve talk I knew he had a special gift. I could immediately feel the fire he had inside for his business and the intense desire he had to really change people’s lives. After my first sit down meeting with him, I felt like he was on a true mission to change the world, starting with me! Steve is the type of guy that will not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. If we had a few more people around like him, I believe it would change the world.”

Jolyne Burdick

“I have been lucky to catch Steve Eanes’ presentation on Walk In Your Value The Go Giver Way a few times now. Each time I am able to take away something to use in my business and every day life. Steve is an engaging, witty speaker and makes a magnetic connection with his audience. Thanks Steve!”

Anne Deas – Sales Executive

“When it comes to professional speaking and workshops, Steve Eanes is a rare breed. He’s bright and persuasive, but he’s also a class act both personally and professionally. He believes in the systems he preaches and communicates the value in a way that makes the person feel they own it. If you’re looking for someone to help build long-term relationships with clients while boosting your company’s profits, Steve Eanes is your man.”

Brendan K. Maginnis – Financial Advisor

“Steve Eanes is a dynamic speaker with a dynamic message. I highly recommend him for your next meeting or conference. It is not often that you find individuals that practice what they teach and speak about. Steve is a professional that will enhance your team’s ability to become even more successful.”

Sindy Martin, CEE, CBP, DTM — President, Smartin International – Business Protocol, Workplace Civility & Corporate Image Speaker, Writer & Consultant

“Steve Eanes provides an amazing, educational and inspiring workshop. What I do appreciate most about Steve in additional to his speaking and training however is that he lives what he talks about every day!”

Maggie Deller – Owner “The Deller Group”

“Steve is generous, outgoing, and seeks constant self-improvement. He longs to bring a message of excellence and character to the world. Change is inevitable. Change is coming. Change Matters…Make a change…call Steve.”

Nicole Greer – Founder “Vibrant Coaching”

“Steve always brings positive energy to anything and everyone he encounters. He offers his time unselfishly to help others succeed. I once sat in one of his mastermind groups where he taught the Go Giver Philosophy and this is one workshop you should not miss! I read the book cover to cover one evening and it is one of those light and refreshing parables that I recommend you engage again on one of those days at the beach. Steve teaches this book in rare form and practices such daily and flawlessly. Don’t tell anyone… in fact tell everyone.. Steve will be our next Zig!”

Janelle Sherman – Senior Sales Consultant

“Steve Eanes is definitely someone worth getting to know. He is very helpful and has this willingness to assist. Years ago, as a rookie sales professional starting out in the Charlotte market, Steve took me under his wings and taught me to think like a true sales professional. I listened when he spoke because I knew Steve had something special to share. He knew how to connect with his clients and values the relationships he has built. It is no surprise to me that Steve is sharing his message with the world.”

Arouna McEwen – Sales Professional

“Steve set the tone (Giving/Serving) for a full day of Retreat for my Board of Directors. His breakfast talk met the challenge so well that he was quoted or ideas that he shared were expounded upon many times throughout the day. His message resonated as truth for the direction we are going. Take the opportunity to attend one of Steve’s public talks or bring Steve to your Board or staff for an inspirational talk.”

Susan Yarber – Director of Development

“Steve has been a business partner of mine for over two years now. We have worked together on various seminars and other projects. Steve is a wonderful speaker and trainer. He is very entertaining and engaging. He delivers his message with a cool confidence that makes everyone in the room very comfortable. There are only a few people who really understand the proper exchange of a great partnership and Steve truly “gets it”! As great as a business partner that Steve is, I am pleased to say that he is a greater friend. I look forward to continuing to work with Steve in the future. I would not hesitate to refer Steve in any role he pursues.”

Ollie Chandhok – Business Development Consultant

“Steve is a fantastic sales and marketing consultant that has received rave reviews from our clients. I had the pleasure of attending one of Steve’s workshops in 2007, and noted him to be a creative and out of the box pro who really knows his work. Steve was able to help our company achieve more than 30k in net profit using just one of his sales tools. I am proud to recommend Steve for sales and marketing consulting work and look forward to working with him in the future.”

John Casson – Director

“I worked with Steve for almost 10 years as a co-worker sales professional. Steve was always the top AE in sales of the entire group. He worked tirelessly to achieve this month after month, and left most of us shaking our heads when he would continuously post sale after sale on the sales leader board. His customer care and attention to detail made his customers love him. He would also treat internal customers, those who processed our orders for us, with the utmost respect, and was flawless with his paperwork and with setting expectations for both internal and external customers. Work wise, Steve was an outstanding role model. I also knew Steve personally, and was one of the best friends anyone could have. He was an excellent husband and father, always encouraging, and was always there to help when I coached his son Zachary in baseball. All around, Steve was the ultimate professional, and always willing to sacrifice his time to help others. I will always remember him as someone who never accepted anything but the best in anything he did.”

Mark Emery – Sales Professional

“Steve is one of the most determined people that I know. He served as a volunteer for the Charlotte Chamber annual campaign and quickly rose to the top in terms of contribution to the effort. He is energetic and always has a smile on his face. I’ve never met a more positive and enthusiastic person!”

Karen Calder – CEO Big Brothers/Big Sisters Greater Charlotte