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A Simple Lesson From A Teenager

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Today I decided to take a day to focus on winning a contest being held by a business I am involved in sharing.  Last night I thought it would be a great idea to invite my 13 year old son to breakfast without cell phone and hand-held games before getting started.  To my amazement he agreed to these conditions. We decided to go to Greg’s BBQ for a full breakfast and conversation.  Or at least what you can have with a teenager.  One of my objectives that I shared with him was to share my contest information with the person who is usually at the cash register. Long story short, we had a great breakfast and conversation.  When paying the bill I realized that the person I wanted to speak with would not be in for another hour.  So I asked the lady behind the counter if she would give my card to them when they came in. We exited the restaurant and when driving down the road my son asked me a profound question.  “Dad.  Why didn’t you give your card to the lady behind the counter and mention the contest to her too?  She may have been interested.” My reaction was “Wow Zach.  You’re 100% correct.”  Here I am thinking I’m the big time sales person and I didn’t share with someone right in front of me. He then said “I thought you were the Master Salesperson and you didn’t even share it.”  (That’s the comment that reminded me he is still a teenager.  LOL) I asked him if he thought I should turn around and go back and he asked me not to do it so he could get home to play the Xbox. It’s the simple things that make the difference.  I know next time I won’t pass up this opportunity. Make it a blessed day....

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Great Customer Service Wanted — Refunds or Discounts Not Necessary

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Yesterday while having lunch with my new friend, Don Minges who I met through CBEX (Charlotte Business Exchange) a few weeks ago, I had the realization that great customer service is all most people want.  Refunds or Discounts not necessary. I met Don at a great small family owned restaurant that shall remain nameless but some people believe is a great deli in the Quail Corners Shopping Center in Charlotte.  You place your order with one person and then walk around the corner and pay your bill. At the first counter I asked the young lady how much extra it would cost to purchase a double cheeseburger vs a single.  Her response was $1.00.  I agreed to this additional purchase.  When walking around the corner to pay my bill, the additional charge was $1.99.  I mentioned to the young man at this counter that I had been told $1.00 at the previous one and it may be a good idea to let the young lady at the first counter know about the real price to avoid any confusion with future customers.  His response was “Okay.  It’s $1.99 extra.  Do you want it or not?” I was blown away at his attitude, lack of empathy and unconcern.  However since I wanted a double cheeseburger I paid the bill. A lesson I learned in this transaction is that customers usually just want to be heard and listened to.  Knowing that profit margins are very low in a small family owned restaurant, I wasn’t looking for a discount although it would have been accepted if offered.  This experience made me examine how I respond to people after misunderstandings or miscommunications. So how about you?  How do you respond when something happens in your business and a customer raises a concern.  Do you say something like “I understand how you feel and apologize that you feel this way.” Then correct the issue if necessary.  This type of statement doesn’t admit wrongdoing and could be used even when the customer is right.  Or do you say something like “Okay.  It’s $1.99 extra.  Do you want it or not?” How we react to others has a great impact, I believe, on our long term sustained success. Make it a blessed day.  Keep Go-Giving....

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How To “Jump Start” Your Business Today.

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Have you ever been in a parking lot and heard someone say “Do you have any jumper cables?  My battery is a little low and I need a jump.”  Maybe you have been the one saying this to others. Over the past few weeks, a few people have asked me to share one idea that could help them increase their referrals, sales, networking contacts and revenues really fast without spending any money.  I would like to share this idea with you today in a 3 step process. 1. Take a look at all of the networking contacts you have accumulated.  This could be members of your networking groups, business cards you have collected at events, those listed in your email address book, etc. 2.  Determine how you can best connect people together who would be great contacts for each other or maybe even do business together.  If you don’t know how you can help them, just call them and ask them to describe what a great referral would look like.  You don’t need to go into a long drawn out conversation about this project.  If they ask you what a great referral looks like for you, give them an answer but don’t expect them to do anything with it. 3.  Send an introduction email to both individuals you would like to connect with a brief message concerning how you feel they would benefit from knowing each other.  This could be “Joe and Julie.  I was thinking about both of you today and wanted to provide an introduction since I think it would be mutually beneficial for networking purposes for you to know each other.  There may also be an opportunity for you to do business together as well.  Thank You, Steve”  Be sure to include the contact information for each person in the email. Doing this with sincerity and the desire to constantly and consistently add value to other people’s lives will set you apart from everyone else out there who does what you do.  While it’s important not to place a sales pitch or “if you know anyone who…..” sentence in the email since you aren’t working angles or keeping score, do not be surprised when things start coming back your way in the area of referrals, networking contacts and sales. Try this today.  Please share with me via email at steve@changing-matters.com your success stories so I can rejoice with you in your success. Make it a great...

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“Not-Working” or “NetWorking”

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There is often a big debate that can ensue right after the question is asked “Is going to networking events really working?”  One group says “Of course; I enjoy sharing information on what I do with others, building relationships and obtaining business referrals as a result.”  Another group says “No Way!  People just go to those events for the free (sometimes it is) appetizers and drinks and to socialize avoiding real work.”  Give these 2 groups an opportunity to defend their positions with each other and you often have the opportunity for the equivalent of a verbal “heavyweight fight.” Here is where I stand on this matter.  I believe that there is an element of truth expressed from both sides of the argument.  However either side can take it to the extreme resulting in their networking not-working.  (try saying that 10 times real fast.  LOL) First let’s define networking.  I, along with my business associate Bob Burg in “Endless Referrals”, define networking as the cultivating of mutually beneficial, GIVE-and-take, win-win relationships.  The emphasis being on the word “Give.” In our context, Giving is defined as “constantly and consistently adding value into other people’s lives.” Essentially what would be the ultimate situation is to be networked with others who are also focused on giving first.  We call these types of people “Go-Givers.” So how can we get on the path to achieve the right balance and have networking events work well for us? First, don’t focus on yourself.  In fact try to avoid talking about yourself at all costs.  Show genuine interest in the people you meet and learn about them.  This will have a greater impact than any flowery words you can express about your product or the great customer service you offer. Don’t try to meet everyone at the event.  It can be proven that everyone you meet knows at least 250 people.  So if you make 3 to 5 great contacts at an event, this can ultimately lead to an introduction to potentially at least 1,250 more people.  Isn’t this better than using a technique of “Spray and Pray” by passing out as many business cards at the event as you can? These are just a few examples of how you can enhance your networking efforts to achieve better relationships and higher profits. If you would like to learn more, please consider attending our free event on “Endless Referrals – Creating a never ending flow of referrals and sales” next Wednesday 5/18 from 8:30 – 10:00 am in Ballantyne Corporate Park / Charlotte.  More information and registration info can be found by CLICKING HERE Make it a great...

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