If You’re In A Storm Keep Pressing Forward

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Where were you on September 22, 1989? I was a college student living in Charleston, SC.

Yes I was there the night Hurricane Hugo made landfall slightly north of Charleston on Isle of Palms. I remember all of the dire predictions on the news and the rain starting in the early afternoon. It just became worse and worse until it was hard to see anything outside of your window. We actually went to a safer room in the house due to the fierce winds that were breaking trees like matchsticks.

I will never forget the calm peaceful eye that lasted for approximately 1 hour during the middle of the storm. We even went outside to survey what we could in the pitch black darkness. When it started raining again we went inside and I actually fell asleep.

The power of this great storm was very evident the next day when we saw all of the trees that were knocked down. We were without power for almost 3 weeks.

But everything came back together and if you went to Charleston today you would see locations in town that are actually in better shape than before the storm. The city has recovered and life is going great.

Why do I tell this story?

This is an encouraging word to all of you who are living in a “storm” right now in your life. You may be in the 1st or 2nd phase or in the eye. Maybe you are looking at the aftermath and wondering if everything can be put back together.

Rest assured if you keep pressing forward and develop a positive belief in yourself and others, with God’s help, you will make it through.

And be a better person for the experience.

Keep Pressing Forward!

Make it a blessed day.


  1. Great message Steve. Hard to see the calm when you are in the storm but it is so important to keep moving on.

  2. Steve, as someone whose home is New Orleans I can definitely relate to your eye of the hurricane story. More importantly I can relate to your advice of ‘keep pressing forward’. Terrific perspective. Thanks

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