How’s your baby sleeping?

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Last Saturday morning while watching my 18 month old son sleeping soundly, I thought about the common saying “Sleeping Like A Baby.”  It’s interesting to me that people, more often than not, view these words in a positive connotation.  However if you have children you may remember times in which hearing “Sleeping Like A Baby” wasn’t very appealing.  :)

For those who haven’t had the “privilege” of experiencing this or just don’t remember, I will explain. When you bring a newborn baby home from the hospital (where everything seems to work out and you have people nearby to support you when you need a break) life can become “interesting.” For example, you may find that you have inconsistent sleep patterns. You eat at different times and don’t go the places you used to go due to the new love in your life. You can become ill and ??? when you hear other people talk about how well their baby eats and sleeps until you realize that the “bags under their eyes” tell a different story. :) In summary, your life can easily become all about the baby and their whims and desires. Depending on your level of experience, knowledge (the books you read and the preparation and after-the-fact workshops you attend) and the baby, it can take a few weeks or even months for things to work out to a consistent schedule. I even know people that it seemed to take years to get this down pat.

This relates to the business world very well when you think about times you started a new job or your own business. It’s like bringing the newborn baby home. The same experiences can occur. I find that the only way you can get it “down pat” is to have a solid action plan and consistent activity. Read books, listen to training programs and ask others for advice who have both accomplished their goals (do what they say) and haven’t (do the opposite of what they say). While there may not be a “magic” time frame for your new baby to start sleeping through the night, you can definitely accelerate it by becoming a better YOU.

So how’s your baby sleeping?…………….

Make it a blessed day!


  1. Way to go, Steve. What an excellent simile/analogy. Terrific!

  2. Great post Steve…and so true! Patience has been a key virtue I have been practicing with my kids and in getting my businesses off the ground. Not always easy with either one, but nothing worth it ever comes easy :)

  3. I recall, shortly after the 2008 presidential election, a commentator interviewing John McCain asked how he was doing these days, since losing the election. McCain replied brightly, “Oh, I’m doing great — sleeping like a baby.” Is that right? the pundit said. “Oh yes,” replied McCain with a grin. “Every few hours I wake up crying.”

    • Thank you sir for your words. I believe I saw an announcement that your Zen book is back in publication. I’m looking forward to getting a copy. Make it a blessed day.

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