A Simple Lesson From A Teenager

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Today I decided to take a day to focus on winning a contest being held by a business I am involved in sharing.  Last night I thought it would be a great idea to invite my 13 year old son to breakfast without cell phone and hand-held games before getting started.  To my amazement he agreed to these conditions.

We decided to go to Greg’s BBQ for a full breakfast and conversation.  Or at least what you can have with a teenager.  One of my objectives that I shared with him was to share my contest information with the person who is usually at the cash register.

Long story short, we had a great breakfast and conversation.  When paying the bill I realized that the person I wanted to speak with would not be in for another hour.  So I asked the lady behind the counter if she would give my card to them when they came in.

We exited the restaurant and when driving down the road my son asked me a profound question.  “Dad.  Why didn’t you give your card to the lady behind the counter and mention the contest to her too?  She may have been interested.”

My reaction was “Wow Zach.  You’re 100% correct.”  Here I am thinking I’m the big time sales person and I didn’t share with someone right in front of me.

He then said “I thought you were the Master Salesperson and you didn’t even share it.”  (That’s the comment that reminded me he is still a teenager.  LOL)

I asked him if he thought I should turn around and go back and he asked me not to do it so he could get home to play the Xbox.

It’s the simple things that make the difference.  I know next time I won’t pass up this opportunity.

Make it a blessed day.



  1. Steve,

    What a great leasson….actually two lessons. I think the more important lesson was getting our kids alone for some quality time. I do this several times a week with one of my adult children. We go to lunch and have a nice conversation, but next time….cell phones stay in the car…mine and theirs. Thanks for this lesson.

  2. great story Steve. thats for sharing.. So nice that you had this special time with your son. Good luck with your contest- if you “win” or not- you are a winner in the eyes of your teenager- which is better then any prize.

  3. Great blog / story Steve. Sometimes some of my best training comes from my kids. Keep up the great work.

  4. Great article and important lessons. As a bonus, I LOVED the part where you wrote:

    (That’s the comment that reminded me he is still a teenager. LOL)



  5. Love this story, Steve! I think having a moment like that, where we, the parents, are learning something brilliant from out children, is one of the unexpected miracles of parenthood. Somewhere along the line I’ve not only come to expect are these miracles, I rely on the wisdom of my children in many cases. Thanks for reminding me how lucky we are to be able to call ourselves parents. :-)

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