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Memorial Day 2012 started out just like any other Memorial Day.  We thanked those we know personally who have served in the military and paid the price for our freedom.  We were also thankful for those who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives.  Enjoying a beautiful day and being thankful was our main agenda for the day.

Late morning I decided to make a grocery store run and pick up some supplies to have a cookout.  During the drive I found myself humming the commercial tune “My Harris Teeter” while driving past an “intimidating king of the jungle” who growled at me and a home-improvement store impersonating a grocery store.

Among the supplies purchased, via special request from my family, were some Harris Teeter Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies.  These are always a “Big Hit” for dessert.

After a delicious All American meal of cheeseburgers and hot dogs from the grill, the cookies were opened.  Saying that a dentist visit was almost necessary after biting into the first cookie is an understatement.  The cookies were overdone and hard.  It was what I imagined military MREs would taste like in the desert.  So I decided to take them back to the store to see if any fresh ones had been recently made.

Upon entering the store and going to the customer service desk, I asked the friendly employee if I could trade these cookies for a fresh batch.  She told me that not only could I do that but, since I had my receipt and it was their brand, she was going to give me double my money back.  She apologized and said that she hoped that this experience did not mean that they would lose my business in the future.

I was blown away.  This was not expected.  Maybe it was my gentle attitude toward her.  Maybe it was the fact that I just desired fresh cookies.  Regardless I am sharing this experience with you to let you know that this is a level of proactive customer service rarely found in today’s competitive environment.  While most companies seem to be concerned with being the lowest price and beating perceived competitors at any cost, Harris Teeter shows in this example that they stand behind their products and desire to be lowest overall cost.  There is a difference between lowest cost vs lowest price.  We’ll cover that later.

So let’s all stand and sing:  “My Harris Teeter!”

Make it a blessed day.



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  1. Yeah HT! Excellent example.

    I also like, especially through Memorial Day weekend, they are running a fund raiser for the USO. As a military family, it is nice to see the support.

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